I am born 1986 in Stuttgart and started climbing at the age of three. From this time until know climbing became more and more a very important point in my life.

Right know I am studying business and economics at the university of Nuremberg in germany. Beside studying I work as a national route setter for competitions, in commercial climbing gyms, I do climbingwall reconstructions … .
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On the other side I started to take photos years ago. I really enjoy to hold the most beautiful or impressive moments of my trips around the world on pictures. To freeze some incredible movements of climbing makes me happy.
I am always glad to share my impressions of climbing, bouldering, traveling… with other people in multivision shows.
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The third point of what I am doing is professional climbing training.
I got my „C – trainer“ license in 2005 and my „B – trainer“ license for competition climbing in 2010.
Before I started studying in Innsbruck I coached a regional trainings group in stuttgart a couple of years. 2009 – 2014 I have been the coach of „Felskader Baden-W├╝rttemberg“.

Greetings Jochen