I was born 1986 in Stuttgart and started climbing at the age of three. From this time on climbing became more and more important in my life. From 2009 to 2011, I lived in Innsbruck to study sports at the university. In 2011 I moved to Nuremberg to continue studying business economics. Since 2011, I live in the Frankenjura which is home to one of the most amazing climbing areas in the world.

As a national route setter in both disciplines (Lead and Boulder) I’ve been setting more than 70 different competitions up to the highest international level, creating multiple different training camps for the German national team. I have put up several hundred commercial routes or boulders, did many reconstructions and inspections of climbing walls, gave route setting workshops… .
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As a trainer („C – trainer“ license in 2005, „B – trainer“ license for competition climbing in 2010) I’ve been the head coach of „Felskader Baden – W├╝rttemberg“ from 2009 to 2014. Now I work together with the coaches of the German national team as a technical trainer on training camps. In 2018 I started to work for the sport climbing education team of the DAV (Bundeslehrteam des DAV) as instructor/trainer of new coaches up to „B-trainer competition“ license. Until now I’ve taught a lot of courses and it makes me very happy to share my passion of this beautiful sport with other climbers…

I’m always in search of new routes, new first ascents in new and untouched areas all around the globe or just at home in Frankenjura. In the last years, I have been climbing in Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Norway, Sweden, Macedonia, Romania, US, Switzerland, Spain, France, South Africa and many more. Since I had the pleasure to receive support of different sponsors over the last 15 years, I was always in need of good pictures or movies. So I started taking pictures years ago to give my first big multimedia presentation back in 2007. Photography became more and more a passion! I really enjoy to capture the most beautiful or impressive moments of my trips around the world through pictures. To freeze some incredible movements of climbing, happy kids, landscape… makes me feel good and is just so much fun. To publish articles of climbing trips or new developed climbing areas in climbing magazines or guidebooks, to see your pictures in a calendar or even to give a speech or a huge multivision show about what I love is just amazing.
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